Technical interview with technical expert

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It’s a step for a check of technical skills of a candidate


Technical interviews are common amongst employers recruiting for engineering, science or I.T. roles. Essentially, it’s an interview to assess your technical ability, usually related to the technical knowledge required for the role and the organisation you wish to work for. Some questions might focus less on technical knowledge, more on how you think. Such questions are looking to test your problem solving or your numerical reasoning abilities. This might involve being asked a few brainteasers or undertaking a numerical reasoning test. Not all technical interviews will be conducted face-to-face; some might be telephone interviews, while others might be conducted over Skype. Always give detailed feedback to a candidate after the interview.


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Tech Recruitment Training: Effective Interviews with Tech Candidates Qualified The key to effective interviews with candidates is understanding the fundamentals of their work.


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IT Recruiter A Technology recruiting is IT or technology recruiting that comprises of sourcing, screening and engaging candidates for an organization