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IT Professions

Every person that would like to work in IT asks himself or herself, What professions in IT? What is the difference? What to choose? On this page you will find out what roles are needed for creating an IT product, witch of them are technical and non-technical, what is the difference. This information can help newcomers to choose the direction for own self-development.

Business Processes in IT

IT companies are mostly divided into two types: product and outsourcing. Product companies develop its own product, outsourcing companies propose services for another companies - propose employees, can develop a product with the client, etc. Let's talk about outsourcing companies. There are several business processes for outsourcing company like: marketing, recruitment, HR, sales, engagement, delivery, after sales support, accounting, legal support. There are technical and non-technical professions for all processes.

Non-Technical Roles in IT


The main goal of marketologist to increase company brand recognition. It increases trust to brand. Makes it easy get new clients and job seekers.


The goal for Recruiter is to find and select job seekers for hiring in company. Valuable employees are important to any company. Recruiters help to resolve this problem.


The goal for HR - to retain and develop the potential of current employees, to increase employee loyalty to the company and reduce the stuff turnover.


Project Manager organize team working process for delivering a product or service. Main responsibilities for PM: finance effectiveness for product, customer satisfaction with team results,              team members satisfaction with working process. The job consists mainly of communicating with different people for the success of the project.


The goal for Business Analytic is find out the requirements for the product from customers, describe them in a formalized form and pass on the requirements for developers to fulfill. Subsequently, QC will evaluate the correctness of the work performed according to the requirements that are described by BA.

UX - Designer

The goal for UX is with BA to define client requirements for future solution, to create mock ups for this solution, pass requirements to developers for implementation.

Technical roles in IT

Front End Developer

Front End Developer implements the appearance of the product based on requirements from UX and BA, also takes into account the "contract" that is "concluded" with Back End Developer in order for the appearance to function correctly and be consistent with the server side. In Web Development there are following popular technologies like JavaScript and frameworks Angular, React.

Back End Developer

Back End Developer develop functionality according the requirements provided by BA. Back End Developer works with Front End Developer according interface foe example REST API. The result of work for developers is implemented requirements, witch are tested by QC. Back End Developer has a number of directions with different programming languages: Android, Java, Python, C++, etc.


Quality Control tests the results of Front End and Back End Developers' work according requirements provided by BA.