Java Developer

Technologies: Java

Study items: HTML | CSS | JavaScript (WebUI) | Java | Spring | Hibernate | JDBC | REST API | SQL | Git | Docker | English

Key facts

Java Developer is a specialist whose main task is to create complex enterprise systems for data processing.


Java is an object-oriented strongly-typed programming language with C-like syntax that is closest to C ++ and C #. A special virtual machine is used to run Java applications; this virtual machine allows you to run applications on the operating system where it is installed, which ensures platform independence. Java has a huge number of libraries and frameworks that allow you to develop your own applications faster. Java developers are in demand in areas where they use projects with multi-user data processing and high security requirements. The Java programmer usually develops the architecture of the application, the business logic of the application, supports and maintains the project, and writes technical documentation.

Study items

Study item Junior
HTML Qualified
CSS Qualified
JavaScript (WebUI) Qualified
Java Qualified
Spring Qualified
Hibernate Qualified
JDBC Qualified
REST API Qualified
SQL Qualified
Git Qualified
Docker Qualified
English Strong Intermediate