Test closure/completion

Technologies: Other

Curriculums: Manual Quality Engineer

Key facts

Test completion activities collect data from completed test activities.


Test completion activities occur at project milestones such as when a software system is released, a test project is completed (or cancelled), an Agile project iteration is finished, a test level is completed. Test completion work products include such activities as test summary reports, metrics, action items for improvement of subsequent projects/iterations.


Title Study Item Level Description
Test Completion Qualified The popular belief among the masses is that the testing phase completes once we finish the test execution across different test levels (Component Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and UAT Testing).
What Are Test Closure Activities? Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting Qualified Test closure activities are those activities which are performed at the end of the testing process.
Test Closure Activities Qualified From the commencement of the software testing process to its closure, every stage during the process carries significant importance.


Title Description
Manual Quality Engineer Manual testing is a type of Software Testing where Testers manually execute test cases without using automation tools.