Requirements Analysis

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Curriculums: Manual Quality Engineer

Key facts

Software requirement is a need that has to be implemented into the system. Answers a question 'what to test'


A software requirement is a capability needed by the user to solve a problem or to achieve an objective. What we want to achieve is to develop quality software that meets customers' real needs on time and within budget. Based on requirement document of an application that you are going to test, you need to understand and analyse the testing requirements. Based on this analysis, QC provides estimates for the test efforts needed.


Title Study Item Level Description
Requirements analysis Qualified Requirements analysis is critical to the success or failure of a systems or software project.
Software Requirements Analysis with Example Qualified Software requirement is a functional or non-functional need to be implemented in the system. Functional means providing particular service to the user.
Software Requirements Qualified The software requirements are description of features and functionalities of the target system. Requirements convey the expectations of users from the software product.
Requirement Analysis Techniques Qualified Requirement Analysis, also known as Requirement Engineering, is the process of defining user expectations for a new software being built or modified.


Title Description
Manual Quality Engineer Manual testing is a type of Software Testing where Testers manually execute test cases without using automation tools.