BA theory and techniques, agile principles

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Curriculums: Business Analyst

Key facts

Business analysis is all about applying the BA technique at the right moments. Therefore, knowing those techniques and the right moments is crucial.


A Business Analysts needs to collect some building blocks, to get the terminology, clearly understand the purpose of the job, know the techniques and milestones. Of course, you learn best when you apply theory. Also, most of the IT products are built under the agile methodologies. For some, waterfall practices are applied. Knowing the fundamentals, differences between them, their types, roles and other basics would be invaluable.


Title Study Item Level Description
YouTube: Agile vs Waterfall. What's the Difference? Qualified What team are you?! AGILE VS. WATERFALL.
YouTube: Agile vs Waterfall. The 3 Most Impactful Differences Qualified Ashley Hunt talks to each Project Management methodology and the three most impactful differences between them.
A Guide To The Business Analysis. Body Of Knowledge Competent The primary purpose of the BABOK Guide is to define the profession of business analysis and provide a set of commonly accepted practices. It helps practitioners discuss and define the skills necessary to effectively perform business analysis work. The BABOK® Guide also helps people who work with and employ business analysts to understand the skills and knowledge they should expect from a skilled practitioner.


Title Description
Business Analyst A Business Analyst at an IT project ensures that the problem and solution are clear to the Team who implements and tests the product.